Selected bone droplist

Every animation contains an internal skeleton object with bones that used to animate your avatar. (Imagine these bones like the bones of the avatar MannyTheSkeleton - which has build on the top of these bones).

Poser can read any imported animation in the system. Poser reads the bones of the current animation and create the selected bone droplist.

By selecting a bone from the droplist you can modify the rotation, scale, and position of the current bone. The default avatars (John, Jane, and MannyTheSkeleton) have 31 bones with the following order:

0.Hips 1.LHipJoint 2.LeftUpLeg 3.LeftLeg 4.LeftFoot 5.LeftToeBase 6.RHipJoint 7.RightUpLeg 8.RightLeg 9.RightFoot 10.RightToeBase 11.LowerBack 12.Spine 13.Spine1 14.Neck 15.Neck1 16.Head 17.LeftShoulder 18.LeftArm 19.LeftForeArm 20.LeftHand 21.LeftFingerBase 22.LeftHandIndex1 23.LThumb 24.RightShoulder 25.RightArm 26.RightForeArm 27.RightHand 28.RightFingerBase 29.RightHandIndex1 30.RThumb

The selected bone become the target bone
for the current animation framekey.
(rotation, scale, and position controls target to the selected bone in the current framekey).